Payment methods

    We accept payments via PAYPAL or by bank transfer.

    Secure shopping

    Fabbrica d'Arte Monterosso only uses secure payment methods and that allow full traceability of the recipient. 

    In addition, each purchase made on is insured in order to guarantee customers the greater peace of mind possible.

    Order confirmation and tracking

    Every order placed on is confirmed by an e-mail that contains a summary of all purchase conditions (items, prices, shipping costs, payment method, etc..). 

    The order and its progress status can be viewed at any time under "My Account". 

    Once the shipment is confirmed, it is also possible to receive by mail the courier's  Tracking ID, in order to monitor the progress of the delivery.

    The right of withdrawal

    It may happen (very rarely for truth) that an item arrives broken: no problem since you are covered by insurance!
    To correctly return your item and obtain a refund or a voucher of equivalent value, please follow the instructions on how to return goods, reported in the General Purchase Conditions of this site.

    What is PayPal?

    PayPal is an online payment system that provides an "online account" that makes it easy to send money from a variety of sources (such as credit card or bank account) to numerous recipients (from an online store to landlord), without sharing financial information. In this way, the recipient will never know the number of the credit card information or bank account used.

    Shop with PayPal, how does it work?

    In order to purchase through PayPal, you must first register on and connect your credit card or upload your PayPal account with a bank transfer.
    When you make payments, simply select PayPal and payment will be completed on a secure page. The order will be processed so that the seller will never be aware of the details of the credit card or bank account.
    PayPal does not imply any cost to the user: it is the seller who pays a small fee to ensure that the payment is processed securely by PayPal.
    Finally, PayPal purchases are protected: If the purchased item is not delivered or if it is different from the description of the seller, PayPal helps you to recover the money


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