Craftsmanshipis creativity: it is to pull out and form a meaning from a raw material.
    Our hands knead, shape, smooth, and color to create individual compositions that tell the story of the Cinque Terre through characteristic forms.
    Ours are original works, handmade one by one, which tell the identity of a territory: from the unmistakable "casotte" houses of the Cinque Terre to the sculptures that recall the anchovies and other fish that populate the sea in the area, without neglecting the elegant evergreen pieces which can enrich your table.
    If you like sincere, simple but not “run of the mill” things, you can take away something unique with you an authentic piece of local craistmanship from the Cinque Terre.

    CRAFTSMANSHIP is creativity: it is to pull out and form a meaning from a raw material


    Our hands never stay still: this idea of craismanship inspires us and requires continuous research and experimentation.
    The materials we are most fond of are porcelain, stoneware and terracotta: the clays, the colors and the glazes that we use are themselves the result of a long research and continuous improvement.


    Porcelain is a material that has always fascinated us: at the same time both strong and delicate, contrary to what one might think. It can be used in the dishwasher and even in the microwave.
    To make our creations unmistakable, we work the white dough by hand in thin forms to give it its characteristic translucent appearance, then we embellish it with natural oxides.


    The very high temperature at which it cooks makes it strong and elegant: ideal for containing any type of dish, it is not afraid of the oven or the microwave - and you can also put it in the dishwasher.
    Its characteristic vitrified appearance makes it irresistible to the touch.


    Terracotta is a long-standing love. Reliable, versatile, surprising: it is a material that continues to amaze us even today, aier years of work. We model each piece according to the shapes we have always carried with us - such as “casotte” houses or anchovies, which tell the stories of our places.


    There is one last element that characterizes all our creations: time. Each art object from the simplest to the most complex if done in an artisanal way, takes time to reach perfection.
    We know that the color that rests in the oven or the terracoFa that dries slowly in the air acquires both strength and beauty, thanks to time.


    Fabbrica d’Arte Monterosso is creativity, passion, encounter: it is an invitation addressed to those who want authentic experiences and those who love real, special and original things.

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