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    Price:19,01 €
    Tax amount: 3,43 €

    5 bowls limited edition of 100 pieces with custom wooden box

    Price:180,00 €
    Tax amount: 32,46 €

    Mini bottle, suitable to contain food liquids, provided with pouring cap.

    Price:36,00 €
    Tax amount: 6,49 €

    Hand-painted square terracotta bas-reliefs, can be purchased individually for composing your ideal landscape.

    Price:468,00 €
    Tax amount: 84,39 €

    n.1 base plate decorated entirely by hand

    Price:54,01 €
    Tax amount: 9,74 €

    Espresso coffee cup with small tapered handle.

    Price:14,00 €
    Tax amount: 2,52 €

    Party favors

    Original favors designed by us starting from your ideas.

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