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    Linen runner with prints inspired by the decorations of our ceramic creations. To bring the colours and symbols of Cinque Terre to the kitchen and to the table.

    Price:47,54 €
    Tax amount:

    Espresso coffee cup with small tapered handle.

    Price:9,84 €
    Tax amount:

    Set of four porcelain bowls decorated with impressions of real leaves.

    Price:78,68 €
    Tax amount:

    Hand-painted square terracotta bas-reliefs, can be purchased individually for composing your ideal landscape.

    Price:331,96 €
    Tax amount:

    Mini bottle, suitable to contain food liquids, provided with pouring cap.

    Price:29,51 €
    Tax amount:

    Price:13,11 €
    Tax amount:

    Gift box dedicated to the fish symbol of the Cinque Terre.

    Price:54,10 €
    Tax amount:

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