Passion of a life
gli artisti della Fabbrica d'Arte Monterosso

The Art Factory was founded in 1982 by Franz and Milla. The strong passion for ceramics grew during their postgraduate diploma, where they had the opportunity to learn about and experience with ceramics.

By the time their passion has not died, but it has instead involved and overwhelmed even the people closest to them. Today we are two couples who work together, and that, as one big family, share work, affections, holidays...!

The stoneware, porcelain and earthenware are the materials that we are passionate ever since.Over the years our work has been enriched with new ideas and forms without ever leaving the handcrafted look that is both a source of inspiration and cause for ongoing research.

lavorazione interamente a mano

Pottery produced in the Cinque Terre with clays, glazes and colors of our exclusive formulation, are therefore unique and original.
Today you can receive or bring home a memory of this wonderful land, handmade  and made with the heart.

The famous art critic Cho Ilvasovuoto has written about them: "... Crossing the space-time frame of the object-not object, the three creators have torn the boundaries of ceramic art work over the ridge and the thermal design of 'craft, reaching a level that enhances the zen concept of "quality ...".