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lavorazione in terracotta Cinque Terre

The pottery (terracotta) we produce is the result of many years of passion, projects and jobs. 
Each piece is prepared in our laboratories: cooked for the first time, hand painted and put back in the oven for a second time. 
This enables the colors to be also resistant to atmospheric agents. 

Thus, each element being hand-painted, the pictures that we propose are intended only to present the model in one of the possible variants of color.

lavorazione in grès Cinque Terre

The stoneware is a ceramic material that is very resistant to high temperature bakes.
It is also great for containing food: it keeps the temperature, is durable, pleasant to the touch and with our enamel, is enriched by the many shades of the sea.

Here we introduce a small selection of our products most suitable for your table: all entirely made ​​and decorated by hand.

The stoneware is suitable for use in the dishwasher, oven and microwave.

lavorazione in porcellana Cinque Terre

The porcelain "bakes" at high temperature and is characterized by a white body which, processed in small thicknesses, is translucent.The items we offer are all hand made and the delicate appearance of the porcelain is enhanced by the use of natural oxides: iron, cobalt and copper. 
Porcelain is suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers.